Weeks good so far

I got some leather short shorts for a steal at hot topic. They were only $6 and I got a cute coach bag.

Im planning to go up state and go some more shopping tomorrow with my parents and sis. Ill probably get some shoes or maybe a bag. I dunno whatever has a good deal.

Then my aunt from Florida is comeing up here to good ol’ New York and spend New Years with us. She’ll probably play with my hair too and give me some kind of rockin’ hairstyle. And she’ll probably meet my boyfriend and maybe he can spend new years with us. I hope so, itd be really awesome. And I wouldnt be alone really at these family parties and Id get to kiss him at midnight instead of being on the phone with him. And go see a movie with him or hang or something before school starts again.

Gah excited! <3 This break is pretty damn good so far <3

I dunno how the hell I am going to get my break homework done. Fuck. Oh well I can maybe squeeze it in somewhere or pull an all nighter one of those days. Ahaha

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